3DESIGN Features

In over 20 years of development 3Design has provided jewelers with additional tools to enhance to their skills
Design many rings in few clics thanks to parametric


Retrace your steps at any moment in time and adjust your design without having to start from scratch.

Draft kit

Scan your drawing into 3Design and use it as a blueprint to trace over.

3Design automated prongs

Automatic prongs

Choose from a variety of prongs: channel, pave, microsetting and the single prong.

How to create advanced pave on 3Design

Advanced pave

Set your stones manually, symmetrically, automatically as well as an assortment of sizes next to each other.


Automatically create cutters matching your stone size and position, then choose your back-hole shape.
How to design howneycomb on jewels


Similar to multicutters, this function takes into consideration the size of your stone and their position to create hexagonal back-holes.

Create stone report, technical drawings of your 3d jewels


Create a detailed account of your design to include carat and metal weights, costs, stone details and margin.

How to design chanel & shank for your rings

Variable channel

Control your channel parameters: distance between stones, number of stones and depth of setting.

Custom stone builder

Build your stone by sketching the shape and choosing from various cuts such as princess, gem and cabochon.
How to make freeform deformation


Choose from a variety of tools: taper, bend, twist, wrap along curve etc.

Ring sizing

Resize your design within a matter of seconds and fix certain elements such as the setting to prevent it from altering.

Freestyle threading

Position assorted stone shapes such as baguettes, ovals or marquise stones next to each other on your design.
How to design baguette on a jewel


Quickly place baguettes on your design with the option to create top and bottom cutters.

Sweeping wizard

Build rings, earrings, pendants or clasps in a single action: modify each profile by scaling, rotating, moving, mirroring or aligning.
How to design a bypass ring

Bypass ring

Start by defining your ring or bangle size; then select the number of turns, width and the ending of the curve.

How to create texture on 3Design

3D Texture

There is a library you can choose from or alternatively import a grey scale image to create the pattern you want.

Signet ring

Modify the top of the ring with the option to incorporate a center stone or select a given shape. The front and side views can be adjusted too.
How to wrap on a 3D model

Wrap / Unwrap

Make elaborate designs that can be pierced or added as a relief onto a curved surface.

Ring rail builder

Speed up the process of making rings by defining the parameters within this builder.
How to make torsade in 3D


Ideal for sweeping more than one curve or creating a rope like effect.

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